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Versailles Sept 18
The first time I went to Paris was in the spring of the 5th grade, approximately 10 years ago. The city captured my heart and so began my years long obsession with anything and everything French. That first visit sparked my love for the language, sunsets on the seine, and the rich (but bloody) history of the country. I never made it to Versailles during that first trip to Paris with my mom and sister, but the seed was planted in my mind (obviously). When we got back to the states I tried to ingest anything and everything French. Here is a list of everything, just for your entertainment - Started to play the ACCORDION -listened to french music whenever possible - watched Ratatouille probs once a week - cooked a lot of French food, and always requested a French restaurant for birthday dinners -decorated my room with Eiffel towers (typical) - received Eiffel tower / Paris themed gifts for the next 7 birthdays - Started taking French at school - Read an incredible amoun…

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