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Reason's You Should Slow Down and Stop Buying Fast Fashion: Great Articles

Before my freshman year of college I was all about shopping and trying to have the newest, trendiest clothes all the time. I would spend so much time in stores like Forever 21 and H&M. I'd watch youtube videos of girls showing their "hauls" from shopping sprees bragging about how much awesome merch they purchased for next to nothing prices.

This left me with questions besides how can they afford all of this such as "How are their clothes so cheap?", "Why are the clothes so cheap?", "What are the tradeoffs made by the companies manufacturing these clothes in order to keep their prices so low?", "How long will their clothes really last?"

And thus I began my journey for turning my closet into an ethical plethora of beautiful clothing.

I also found this beautiful poem on the Fashion Revolution's instagram a little while back!

With this post I want to give you the resources that I refer to help me stick with my choice to suppor…

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