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Daytrip in Munich

Our flight to St. Petersburg included a 9 hour layover in Munich, Germany, home of Oktoberfest.  Rather than spend the afternoon window shopping the duty free stores in the airport and eating expensive food, we checked our bags with the luggage holder in the airport and got on the train that would take us into town.
We bought a group train ticket, and sat for 45 min on a beautiful ride through small Bavarian suburbs and farms and fields. When the train arrived we got off at the Marienplatz station. 
We began our search for beer and bratwurst. We found some Biergartens down the road from Marienplatz that served some scrumptious pommes and sausages. Having not been a fan of beer for a while, my sister had me try a Radler. It's a citrusy beer, kind of like a mix of lemonade and beer. Super light, tasty, and refreshing. (When I'm back for Oktoberfest, this will be my drink of choice.)
After our meal we went to the Gardens and did a lot of walking. There is a spot up a hill where …

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