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Outer Banks Summer

Last summer I was blessed with the amazing opportunity to live and work in the Outer Banks.
The Outer Banks, for those unaware, is a long strip of sandy beaches off the coast of North Carolina.

My entire life I've been obsessed with the beach and the ocean. I always desperately wished that I either grew up in a beach town, or had a beach house. So, when the opportunity to live at the beach presented itself I was in there like swimwear (sorry).

As my freshman year of college concluded I got all the details for my summer job worked out. I packed up my dorm, moved home, packed up for the beach and began the 6 hour car ride to Corolla, NC, unsure of what this summer at the beach held in store for me.

Over the course of the summer I learned just about anything there is to know about popcorn from my job at the Outer Banks Popcorn Shoppe. I met some amazing people and had awesome roommates.

Moving away from home for college is one thing, but I think that this summer at the beach really g…

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