Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Answering the Call of Hawaii

Day 3- 7/28/12

Hawaii is an amazing place! Honolulu has such a wide range of activities that sometimes it's hard to believe that you are on a tiny island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. This morning I woke up and felt as if my skin was was being ripped off my back and shoulders. Ouch times 10. Thankfully, I learn from my mistakes quickly. "Those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it." Now I have a full bottle of water resistant 50 SPF sunscreen and after sun aloe lotion!
Today I took the bus to Aloha Stadium where we went to the Swap Meet .The Swap Meet is basically a big flea market that surrounds the stadium. It sold tons of different things. From fruit to odd beachy signs to towels to shaved ice. It was pretty cool. I bought some cute shirts for myself and we went on a long search for the perfect sarong for my mother. I will show my shirts in my Fabulous Finds: Hawaii post. We got presents and souvenirs for my family. Apparently Hawaii has some of the best shaved ice, so we decided to try it out. It was downright ono (delicious in Hawaiian)! We finally tired out and decided to walk from Aloha Stadium all the way to Pearl Harbor! It was the perfect way to relax (sarcasm). It wasn't that long of a walk, but in the heat it felt pretty darn long. When we finally got to Pearl Harbor I got my National Parks Passport stamped! We then hung around and waited till our 2:30 tour of the USS Arizona. When it began we were lead into a theater that showed us a film about the attack on Pearl Harbor. Then we all boarded a ferry like boat that took us out to the memorial. The whole attack was a tragic and heartbreaking thing that should be forever remember for all the people who died. On the memorial you could see the ship underneath you through the clear water. I saw tons of fish swimming around and a small sea turtle. The ship was still releasing tiny drops of oil after 71 years. It is quite eerie to think about. Most of the other ships were saved from the attack, but the Arizona was so badly damaged that only pieces of it could be salvaged. Only 355 of 1,512 of the people on the ship died and still remain down inside the USS Arizona.
. When the boat returned to the mainland my dad spent tons of time in the museums. They are great for people of all ages. When we finally managed to drag my dad out of the museums it was 6:30 pm! While we waited for the 42 bus that went back to Waikiki Beach we saw a double rainbow. It was so beautiful and bright. You could see every color in it. After 30 minutes of rainbow examining the bus finally came. During those 30 mins I though of an addition to my bucket list: find the end of a rainbow. The bus ride back to Waikiki didn't feel as the ride to Aloha Stadium, but the seats were quite itchy which didn't sit too well with my sunburn. We finally got off the bus. Since it is a Saturday many people were having luaus by the beach. There was very cool reggae music that made you just want to flow with the sounds and dance. I had lots of tine for dancing as we waited for 40 mins for our next bus. We finally made it back to our apartment even though we got off the bus one stop too early and had to walk through the rain to get there. I had an excellent day! I thinkably sunburn is starting to heal!

Day 4- 7/29/12

This morning I woke up in sharp pain again from my burn. I really hope I will be smart enough to not burn again. getting dressed was so painfully. It felt like tons of little needles pricking my skin. We made a little pitstop at the local Safeway. I tried their bacon/egg/cheese sandwich on bread. It was good, but not the best I've had. We took the bus down to the beach and found an open market on the big grassy area right by the beach. We spent the rest of the day swimming. The area that we swam in had rocks, but it also had great waves. The rocks allowed me to stand up in the deeper water. My dad and I swam all the way out to the bouy and floated around out there. That's the farthest that I have ever swam! I could still stand out there because of rocks, but I mostly treaded water. Later we took the bus back o the same Thai restaurant that we ate at before. It was called; To Thai For. It was absolutely delicious again! We waited for the bus for at least another 45 min. When we returned to the apartment we had popcorn and watched the Olympics. The girls gymnastics was amazing! It was a wonderful way to end a wonderful day!

Pictures will be coming soon!

Till next time
-Alexandra :)

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Aloha Hawaii!

From Top Clockwise: Diamond Head Volcano, Koko Head Ave., the plane wing, flying over  a  Hawaiian Island , Me with my new Cat Eye glasses from Akira

Day 1:

I barely got any sleep yesterday besides various uncomfortable cat naps on my two plane rides. My flight left at 7 am and we arrived in Pheonix, Arizona around 8. It feels like I am trying to escape time so I just keep going back wards. Did you ever think that if you kept flying west you could always stay in the same time... Well, sort of. Eventually you would fly straight in to tomorrow! I finally flew into Honalulu around 2:15. We spent two hours waiting for a rental car that we ended up not even renting. We have a car now though! Not the best ( it might break down at any moment), but it is still a car. We finally arrived at our final destination.

Waikiki Beach and the palm trees

Surfing Man Memorial, Lanterns at the mall, my feet at the beach 

Day 2:
This morning I woke up to the sound of exotic singing birds! They make some quite interesting sounds. I saw the warm morning sun shining over Diamond Head (volcano) and the rest of the city. For breakfast we went to Koa Pancakes, a great pancake house that was better and more friendly than ihop. Afterwards we headed for Waikiki Beach! The waters of Oahu are so beautiful. The section of beach that has no barrier is really rocky and has waves. Other parts of the beach have barriers that keep the waves out and has no large rocks. The sand here is really soft. At the pier there are many kids just jumping off and into the water. A little deeper out there are tons of people with boogie boards surfing the waves that come there way. I swam in the rocky area for a while, then moved to the closed in area. I forgot my sunscreen at home, so instead of trying to stay in the shade I decides to lay in the sun. I payed the consequence for that very fast. As we walked on the big shopping street, whose name escapes me at the moment, I could feel my skin get hotter and hotter! Now I look like a cherry tomato. Thankfully my face was spared! Now it's time to sit back, relax, put some aloe on, and enjoy the 2012 Summer Olympics Ceremony from London!

Till next time!
-Alexandra :)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hawaii Calling!

Hawaii Calling: My Carry on Essentials, Packing helper, and Lauren Conrad Style
Tomorrow will be torture. Trip I have been begging my parents to take me on is finally happening! Hawaii, here I come! I am way more than ready to take on the big waves, big mountains, and big and small islands. I have one small (maybe not so small) issue. I am not a light packer, but I have been instructed to be for this trip. So I will be taking some travel advise from one of my favourite bloggers/authors, Lauren Conrad, and some of my own advise and sharing it with you.

  1.  Pack only what you need (mine)
    I am one of those people who packs everything that they might need. Which is usually my whole summer wardrobe. 
  2. Roll your clothes to make more space in you suitcase (Lauren)
    I have been using this tip ever since I read it from her book Style, and it has never failed me! Simply roll your clothes to look like buritos and pack them next to each other. If you have necklaces you are taking with you just roll that into the center of your shirt and it will stay knot free!
  3. Have and itinerary or know what activities you will be doing (mine)
    Knowing what I am going to be doing on my trip usually clears away lots of stress. By knowing what you are going to be doing you can eliminate a bunch of unnecessary clothes. This saves loads of space in your luggage.   
  4. Know the forecast (Lauren)
    This is uber important because the weather will dictate what you should bring. If you know it will be cold and rainy then don't bring a bunch of shorts with you. ect. Just Pack Smart!
  5. Make your outfits before you leave (Lauren)
    This helps save time in the morning while you are on vacation. You will already have pre planned outfits, so now all you have to do is choose one!
  6. Bring Half of what you think you need and twice as much money.If you know that you will be shopping then don't pack as much initially. It will give you space to add once you have bought something new.
    I got this quote from my packing list that I bought from 
    Francesca's Collection.
My suitcase can be a disaster at times, but the real problem lies in my carry on. Every trip, ever since I was tiny, I have always had a 50lb backpack on me. I just can't seem to lighten up so I came up with some tips (maybe they are more like rules) of my own to help me and anyone else with the same problem.:
  1. Pack two books and two magazines at most. I am a big reader, so my bag is usually spilling books.
  2. Have all documents in an easy to reach spotThis is common sense, but I need to repeat this just for the sake of repeating
  3. Carry all beauty/cosmetics on top of heavy bookish objects.Doing this makes them easy to reach at security, and keeps your objects from getting smushed.
  4. Just ditch the backpack for a smaller bag. This is probably the best tip I have for this situation because you can't use space that doesn't exist. This really worked out for me on my trip to Paris. I took a small carry on with only my necesities inside. 
I hope these tips work for you! If you want to see more of what Lauren Conrad has to offer visit her website, http://www.laurenconrad.com/

Till next time!

(Photos by Me)

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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Simple Sunday Best

Today was a very wet, overcast day, but far from my normal. After an expedition to Ikea I bought a huge full body mirror that was almost too big for our car. After some struggling we all finally managed to squeeze into the car along with my mirror. The car ride home was like riding with another me, because of my reflection. The struggle was worth it though! My already small room feels bigger and more beautiful. I've taken lot's of time and effort to rearrange my room to add more "fungshui". Here is my outfit today! I am wearing a Forever 21 dress, Forever 21 bracelet, Old Navy heels, and unknown poncho and watch.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

My First Time

Well, This is the first blog post of my life. It sort of feels like I am just talking to thin air, but I know that eventually somebody out there will eventually stumble upon this blog! I am so excited to begin blogging. It is something I have considered doing for a long time. I plan to blog mainly about travel and fashion, but also anything in between that sparks my imagination or I just like. Look forward to seeing my outfits of the day, travel blogs, or just my interests. Enjoy!