Aloha Hawaii!

From Top Clockwise: Diamond Head Volcano, Koko Head Ave., the plane wing, flying over  a  Hawaiian Island , Me with my new Cat Eye glasses from Akira

Day 1:

I barely got any sleep yesterday besides various uncomfortable cat naps on my two plane rides. My flight left at 7 am and we arrived in Pheonix, Arizona around 8. It feels like I am trying to escape time so I just keep going back wards. Did you ever think that if you kept flying west you could always stay in the same time... Well, sort of. Eventually you would fly straight in to tomorrow! I finally flew into Honalulu around 2:15. We spent two hours waiting for a rental car that we ended up not even renting. We have a car now though! Not the best ( it might break down at any moment), but it is still a car. We finally arrived at our final destination.

Waikiki Beach and the palm trees

Surfing Man Memorial, Lanterns at the mall, my feet at the beach 

Day 2:
This morning I woke up to the sound of exotic singing birds! They make some quite interesting sounds. I saw the warm morning sun shining over Diamond Head (volcano) and the rest of the city. For breakfast we went to Koa Pancakes, a great pancake house that was better and more friendly than ihop. Afterwards we headed for Waikiki Beach! The waters of Oahu are so beautiful. The section of beach that has no barrier is really rocky and has waves. Other parts of the beach have barriers that keep the waves out and has no large rocks. The sand here is really soft. At the pier there are many kids just jumping off and into the water. A little deeper out there are tons of people with boogie boards surfing the waves that come there way. I swam in the rocky area for a while, then moved to the closed in area. I forgot my sunscreen at home, so instead of trying to stay in the shade I decides to lay in the sun. I payed the consequence for that very fast. As we walked on the big shopping street, whose name escapes me at the moment, I could feel my skin get hotter and hotter! Now I look like a cherry tomato. Thankfully my face was spared! Now it's time to sit back, relax, put some aloe on, and enjoy the 2012 Summer Olympics Ceremony from London!

Till next time!
-Alexandra :)


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