Continuing the Hawaiian Adventure

Day 5-7/30/12

This morning I woke up at 6:30 am so that we could hike up Diamond Head volcano.We drove up to the volcano only to be told that the parking lot is full, so we had to drive out of the volcano and find a spot somewhere else. The parking lot is located through a tunnel that goes into the center of the volcano. The closest thing we could find was a 15/20 minute walk away from the trail entrance. When we finally got up to the trail we began the long and perilous journey. At first it wasn't bad at all then the path got steeper and steeper. Finally we got to the last stretch before we were at the top! There was a long flight of stairs, then you went through a very dark and claustrophobic tunnel. Finally up another very steep set of stairs at the top. Once at the top you could see everything on this part of the island. The breezes up there keep you cool while the sun keeps you warm. You can see the entire coastline and the city. There are multiple viewing points, so you get various different angles to look at everything. The walk down the was at an incline and down a lot of steep stairs. When we got to the side walk I was so relieved. I raced my dad down to the bottom and beat him! I don't think a water fountain ever tasted so good! After the hike we did some shopping at a store I had been really wanting to visit. It was a vintage store called ModVintage. I sadly found nothing to my liking that was within my budget. Nest stop: Goodwill. I got two mens shirts that I plan to use for a special DIY project. My dad bought a swanky Hawaiian tee. When I got back to the apartment I was so exhausted and ready to collapse, but we still had more planned for the day. It took us three bus rides to get us to the Punchbowl Memorial. The trees and foliage were very cool. The Punchbowl had an awesome views of the city. In the monument you could see descriptions of the war in the pacific as time progressed. We had to walk 40 minutes to finally arrive at Honolulu Burger Co. The burgers were delicious and fully satisfying. Sadly, we still had lots more walking to do. We walked from that stop all the way to the 19/20 stop that went to the airport. Once we arrived there we had to another 20 minute walk to get to the rental cars. Finally, we plopped inside our Toyota Yaris. I was so thankful to finally have a car! We stopped at Waikiki to watch the sunset on the way back. Finally it was just me and the Olympics! Or just me snoring...

Day 6-7/312

Today was a long wonderful day. We took a drive up the west coast of Oahu. Of course, I left my memory card in the computer, so I was unable to take any pictures. This really bummed me out. There are lots of different scenic points on the drive, but each one was significantly different. We drove by Waimea Bay and the jumping rock. The parking lot was full so we found a different beach down the road. I took a nice nap under a tree, and waded around in the water. The place where we chilled had a bunch of sea turtles. These were about 1 1/2 ft long. The kept poking their heads above the water. Sometimes they would swim into the really shallow sandy area. The beach was soo relaxing. Afterwards we drove to Haleiwa (pronounce Hal-ey-va), a small town in Northern Oahu. Haleiwa is the sufing capitol. We ate at Spaghettini. They served us great pizza and salad. We did some shopping afterwards at the local shops. We had juice at this awesome juice shop right across the street from Spaghettinis. I got Da Green juice. It was amazing. After some shopping we finally began the long drive back home. We used the Hertz/Alamo guides to navigate. We picked them up at the rental place.

Till Next Time!
-Alexandra :)


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