The End

Day 7-8/1/12
Our Last Day

Today was my final day in Hawaii. The thought of leaving pains me. We left some things to do on future trips back here, which ensures that we will be returning in the near future.
Today we drove up to pali lookout and saw an amazing view of Hawaii. We stood in the very place where 300 years ago 400 men were forced over the edge of the cliff. Later, I rented a boogie board from Snorkel Bob's. It's a great rental shop about 10 mins from the beach. I spent the whole day riding the waves at Waikiki. The rocks out there are quite large, so it's best to make sure that you have flippers or water shoes. I had water shoes which helped against the rocks, but not against incoming waves. Most people out there wore flippers, and I wish I did. Flippers give you more force against the waves and also help you get speed when you catch one. Swimming back to the point where you catch waves was extremely difficult because the water shoes slow you down. Of course being out in the sun all day means you should reapply sunscreen (my sister even swam out to remind me), but stubbornly I didn't want to. I ended up with a whole sunburnt backside. For lunch we stopped at a yummy froyo place. Delicious. Then I spent the rest of my time boogieing. We finally had to get ready for the airport. We returned our car and arrived at the airport 3 hours early. We had trouble at the check-in and had to wait forever for our dad to get our standby tickets handled. Once everything was settled we headed to our gate. We were the last people to board our plane. I sat in the very back of the plane, while my dad and my sister sat in the emergency exit. I fell asleep watching the three stooges because the kid with the red hair was driving me bananas. The six hour flight to Phoenix felt so short. My bag of course decided to barf all of it's contents all over the I had to clean all of it up supper fast. Finally after a nice nap in Phoenix airport we boarded our final plane. We finally landed after the longest four hours of my life. In D.C the weather is hot and clamy. There is no relieving breeze. I wish I was in Hawaii.

Till Next Time!
-Alexandra :)


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