Weekend in the Big Apple


Day 1:
Our drive to the big apple was about four hours.We crossed the Brooklyn Bridge, spotted the Statue of Liberty, and finally arrived at our Best Western hotel in Peck-slip. The neighbourhood was under construction, but it was still very cute. We were starving from our long drive, so we began the trek to Lombardi's Pizza. We walked for about 25 min through Chinatown and lots of streets. When we got to Lombardi's we waited for a good half hour. When we finally ordered, we got a margarita pizza with spinach, garlic, and sweet Italian sausage. It was absolutely delicious. After dinner we hiked up to Times Square. The walk was long and tiring, but I saw lots of cute clothes that I desperately want to buy now, and got lots of styling inspiration. I know know what I want to buy for back to school.
Being in Times Square at night is like standing around in broad daylight. There is light everywhere! Along with tons of people. I wanted to go inside the three story Forever 21 soooo badly, but I had to keep on moving. We hailed a cab and went back to the hotel. I forgot that I had left my phone in my lap during the taxi ride, so as I was getting out of the Taxi it flew right out of my lap and straight into the sewer. It was like a little flying black mass. It all happened so fast too! I was devasted! I had lost so many cute photos. Thankfully, the phone was just a simple free phone not an iPhone. I was really hoping to keep it though till I could afford an iPhone. The perfect way to end my day!

Brooklyn Bridge

Standing with my childhood animal hero : Balto

Day 2:
This morning woke up a bit late and almost missed breakfast. We rushed downstairs and thankfully made it in time. After eating and getting ready we walked across the Brooklyn Bridge. It was long and tedious, but worth it. Brooklyn is a nice place, but we didn't stay long. We tried to take the subway back into the city to get my mom to a concert, but we took the wrong one and everything got messed up. So, we hailed another cab. After dropping her off my dad and I took a very long walk through central park, down 5th ave., up Broadway, and finally back to the theater. It took three hours in all! Sadly, I got no shopping done on this trip, but my parents promise that next time we will!!

Till next time!
-Alexandra  :)


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