Thursday, September 27, 2012

Wicked Witch of the West


This is my mani of the week! I was feeling really chill and not in the mood to do a real intricate design. Soo, I originally had just flat out green on all my fingers. Then, I went shopping on Wednesday and bought this beautiful sparkly silver from Forever 21. I just painted the silver on to my tips and Voila! Something beautiful was created! I decided to name this the Wicked Witch of the West mainly because it is green, but also because the sparkles on the tips reminded me of Dorothy's magical ruby slippers. Now that I think of it, it is actually very good that the Wicked Witch of the West never got to wear the Ruby Slippers because she would look like Christmas came alive and was out to get everyone..that would be a disaster.

Till Next Time!
-Alexandra :)

I am wearing: Revlon in Posh, and Love & Beauty by Forever 21 in Silver

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Not Quite So Blue

When I started painting my nails I was going to only do tan, but then I had the urge to do something special with that. I have these random ideas that inspire my nails. I was originally going to do pink, but I was feeling blue...not sad, but more like I preferred the color.

To create this look:
- I first used a tan/beige nail polish to make the bottom layer.
-Do as many layers as you need to, but not enough to make hard to dry.
-Depending on how many layers you have you can wait either 30 min. to a day. I waited a day because I was to scared I would mess up the tan.
-Do a clear top coat if you want and let that dry.
-After they have fully dried I took a 1 in. piece of tape and lay it across nail diagonally, only revealing the part of my nail that I wanted to be blue.
-Make sure the tape is completely stuck to nail, or else the blue will seep under it.
-Paint a few layers of blue
-After about 1 min peel the tape off carefully.
-Do a clear top coat and make sure to not mess up the nail!


Till Next Time!
-Alexandra :)

I used Essie Good to Go top coat, Revlon Top Speed First Class (blue), and Milani Mantra (tan)

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Royal Gold

One of my new resolutions for this school year was to always have my nails nicely manicured. Sadly for these photos I waited a few days to get around to taking the picture. I was feeling very creative with the nail polish, which is a bit surprising considering how late I painted them. I wanted to something different on each nail. so I used my creative juices and got to work! Enjoy!

 I used Sephora by O.P.I in Domestic Goddess, and Funky Fingers in Gold Scales.

Till Next Time!
-Alexandra :)

Monday, September 03, 2012

Reuniting with Nature


My outfit in watercolors. By: Me
Finally! I have found the time to get pictures of the outfit that I wore to my freshman orientation! I thought it was an ultra cute outfit that crossed right between boho, and city chic. The feathers gave a more relaxed vibe, while the sleek blouse made it more polished. It helped my find my way through a new school, new day, and begining of a new year! I can't wait to show you guys what I wore my first week of school...especially the first day! The nail art was done today, but I thought that it just looked soo cool! Tomorrow is picture day for me, so I need to go and get that outfit all together. My biggest concern though, as usual, is what to do with my hair. I could put it down like I do here, but that usually wont work. So i'm thinking of some kinda of cool braid that will keep my hair polished and in check! Now its time to do some youtube hair tutorial and closet scavenging! Have a great week!

Till Next Time!
-Alexandra :)

Clothes: Cotton On blouse, Target ring, Rimmel London Nail polish, Essie nailpolish, Earings are unknown, Hollister shorts, Rainbow flip flops, Cotton On satchel.