Not Quite So Blue

When I started painting my nails I was going to only do tan, but then I had the urge to do something special with that. I have these random ideas that inspire my nails. I was originally going to do pink, but I was feeling blue...not sad, but more like I preferred the color.

To create this look:
- I first used a tan/beige nail polish to make the bottom layer.
-Do as many layers as you need to, but not enough to make hard to dry.
-Depending on how many layers you have you can wait either 30 min. to a day. I waited a day because I was to scared I would mess up the tan.
-Do a clear top coat if you want and let that dry.
-After they have fully dried I took a 1 in. piece of tape and lay it across nail diagonally, only revealing the part of my nail that I wanted to be blue.
-Make sure the tape is completely stuck to nail, or else the blue will seep under it.
-Paint a few layers of blue
-After about 1 min peel the tape off carefully.
-Do a clear top coat and make sure to not mess up the nail!


Till Next Time!
-Alexandra :)

I used Essie Good to Go top coat, Revlon Top Speed First Class (blue), and Milani Mantra (tan)


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