Wicked Witch of the West


This is my mani of the week! I was feeling really chill and not in the mood to do a real intricate design. Soo, I originally had just flat out green on all my fingers. Then, I went shopping on Wednesday and bought this beautiful sparkly silver from Forever 21. I just painted the silver on to my tips and Voila! Something beautiful was created! I decided to name this the Wicked Witch of the West mainly because it is green, but also because the sparkles on the tips reminded me of Dorothy's magical ruby slippers. Now that I think of it, it is actually very good that the Wicked Witch of the West never got to wear the Ruby Slippers because she would look like Christmas came alive and was out to get everyone..that would be a disaster.

Till Next Time!
-Alexandra :)

I am wearing: Revlon in Posh, and Love & Beauty by Forever 21 in Silver


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