Decorative Light Switch


Merry Christmas Eve!!
I hope you guys all enjoy your day and your Christmas!!

I was feeling a little crafty last night sooo I came up with a cute idea! I was going to add a little touch of color to my light switch! 

To do this I used:
Nail polish! 

And that's basically it! 

Just come up with a design that you like, be carefull, and keep a steady hand!
I choose to do a chevron in different shades of purple across the bottom. 

This was my first hand was a bit shaky, but as you go on it starts to be a bit less noticeable. 

This is my final product. I could have done the entire thing, but I was feeling a little bit lazy.


Nail Polish used: 
(In order from left to right) Love and Beauty by Forver 21 in Lavender, Essie in Soul Mate, Sephora by O.P.I in Domestic Godess, and Deborah Lippman Juicy Couture Collection in Since I Fell For You. 


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