Artsy Box DIY

A few weeks ago i did this DIY project to. Few boxes I had lying around my room. I decided i wanted them to look chic soo i came up with a look inspired by a Chanel parfume box that i use to store bracelets in my room.


-spray paint
-painters tape
-paint brush
-acrylic paint

Step one:
- Go outside and spray one coat of paint onto box, let it dry.
- Continue to do so until you are satisfied with thickness of color
- Once you are happy with your box's color then let it completely dry

Step two
- Using your painters tape leave a small portion of the edge to be painted with black (or whatever your piping color is)
- Paint in between the painters tape
- Let it dry completely then CAREFULLY peel off the tape making sure that the spray paint doesn't get peeled off along with the tape ( this is the trickiest part)

Let it dry!
And...voila! C'est fini!

( p.s i apologize for the photos not being integrated into the post. Im not sure how to do that using the blogger app on my iPad.)


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