Back to School: The First Day

Today I want to give some tips about dressing for the first day of school, and tomorrow I will share some tips for the first week!

When dressing for the first day you want to look nice! In my personal opinion I think that a lot of people take this a little too far. They over dress. You basically just want to look nice! I cant find another word to describe it soo I will use pictures because a picture, as we all know, is worth a thousand words.

Outfit Idea 1:


This is an outfit for a school with a warm climate and VERY lax dress code.
It's also pretty summer, but guess what it's still summer!

Summer doesn't end when school starts.

Here is Idea #2:


This outfit is very chill and low key and perfect for the first day of school. When I wake up at 6 am putting pants on isn't exactly an appealing why not opt for a cute an comfy dress instead? In order to make this look more chill I paired it with some ombre combat boots and a knit sweater. I like when my outfits look a bit edgy so that's where the boots and jewelry come in.

My main inspiration for this look came from Bethany Mota's Back to School video. 

And final my last idea!

idea #3:

This outfit is pretty edgy, but I am in love with it. Everything is from Forever 21 except the shoes, which is amazing because its all affordable! I love skater skirts and am dying to ad more to my closet. And I think the one in oxblood is a must.



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