Fun times at the Fair


So I went to the fair last week with a few friends and had an absolute blast. I had a great time on the rides, (although they were a bit pricey and I am now in debt to my friends) and spent a great evening with some great people. If you have a local fair I encourage you to take advantage of it and have an amazing time also. 

As you can see I have a tiny obsession with taking artsy pictures of ferris wheels, but what can I say? They turned out! And! I took these photos with my iphone! Isn't that great? I am hoping to invest in a nice camera real soon and take more artsy photos and also TRY and share what I wear to school when it starts up again. 


Wearing: DIY highwaisted shorts, rainbow flip flops, and blouse unkown, headband from Forever 21, and sunglasses from Nordstrom.


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