My Week in Style

Today concludes the last day of my first week of school. The week went by so fast that I don't even know what to make of it. I didn't realize today was Friday for.. a while.

So! Because I have not posted any of my outfits this week I am sharing them with you today. 

(BTW: This is probably when you will see my weeks outfits because I play a sport and its hard to find a good time to post. So the majority of my clothing post will be either posted on a Friday or Saturday.)

Here we go!

Of course I have to take my mirror pics.


Sadly, I was not thinking straight on Monday and I only took this photo and the mirror pic of that outfit. 
So! I will try to go out and take some photos in this outfit so that you can get the complete look.



This was my chill day and I just wore some cropped yogas, a vneck, and some grey Vans.



Oh my goodness.. I was so tired today.

Those were the outfits that I wore this week. I hope you enjoyed it.


Monday: polka dot skirt from Cotton On, vest from Cotton On, shirt is unknown, shoes are rainbows
Tuesday: Shorts from Forever 21, Shirt from H&M, shoes from Cotton On
Wednesday: Shirt from Pink, Yoga pants from Champion, shoes from Cotton On
Thursday: Shirt from H&M, belt is unknown, Shorts are made by me, shoes from Windsor, socks from Pacsun
Friday: Shirt from Cotton On, Shorts are made by me, belt is unknown, shoes from Cotton On


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