Welcoming In the New Year

Happy New Years!!

As usual at the beggining of every year everybody makes a bunch of new years resolutions that they forget by the next week. That will most likely be me this year but I do have hope that I can succeed!

So! Drumroll please...

My new years resolutions!

1) First and foremost I need to lose the 20 pounds that I gained in 2013, and if that ends up being too much weight to lose then at least being completely happy with my body. And my definition of being happy with my body doesn't mean weighing 90 lbs and being as thin as a stick. While that may be healthy for some people it isn't healthy or realistic for me. Being healthy means eating well, sleeping enough, exercising, and drinking plenty of water. 

2) Secondly, my grades really haven't been up to par recently and that needs to change or I will suffer from it in the long run, especially when I am applying to colleges. 

I think giving my self two main goals/resolutions is enough. Usually I give my self so much that I cant possibly do it all and then I end up forgetting them. 

Good luck to you, and have an amazing 2014!!



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