Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Juice Fast: Progress

As you know I started doing a juice fast this week, and was hoping to make it last at least two weeks. 
Well, I have an extremely hard time with self control around food. Which was kinda the point of the fast to help me get get rid of that "addiction". I was doing pretty well the first day and I felt really good about myself, but then the next day I got a really bad craving for something solid, and I caved. I am pretty upset that I let myself cave because once I give in to my temptations once, it's a whole heck of a lot easier to do it again. 
Also, I've run out of food to juice soo I need to get my mother to buy me more fruits and veggies. 
I'm determined to make this second week work better than the first.
In order to help myself with this I've decided that I have to take a picture of each and everything that I eat and post it on my Blogilates account. If I wouldn't feel comfortable having all the people on Blogilates see me snacking away at some salty crackers or chips then why should I feel comfortable putting that into my body?
So I need to continue working on my self control, remembering that the end result won't be obtained without sticking to my plan, and that I wont feel guilty if I don't give in. 
Also, I am hoping to start running again this week, if the weather permits! Other wise I will be working out inside, which I don't really like to do because it's hard to breathe.


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