Monday, March 24, 2014

The Juice Fast

These recipes can be found at the Just on Juice website

Today is the first day of my juice fasting journey. 
Juice fasting is an extremely hard thing to do and requires ALOT of self control, but I am so ready to do this.

When juice fasting it is important to do it healthfully, have good motivation, and stick with it.
In order to make sure that I am doing it healthfully, and not actually starving myself I did some research before hand. I have been wanting to do a juice fast for the longest time, but this is my  actual first time doing one. So I used a website (Just on Juice) and a book that I had waiting for me on my book shelf. ( Juice Fasting & Detoxification by Steve Meyerowitz) 

If you want to juice fast also I suggest that you look at those too sources, or go to your library and take a look around.

My motivation for juice fasting is cleaning out my body, losing weight, and getting rid of my addiction to foods that I shouldn't be eating in the amounts that I do. I'd also love to do this in conjunction with Flat Tummy Tea. But I would first need to order it. 

My fast should last two to three weeks, and yes that does sound like a long time, but the longer that you do a juice fast, the better the results are. Also, I have three weeks till spring break and I would like to look my absolute best. Yes, you might be thinking that I would have to be crazy to do this, but the health benefits from it are just too good!


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