Getting there: Los Angeles 2014

Right now I am sitting at the gate of the twelfth flight that I am desperately hoping to get on.
Yes, I did say twelfth. I fly standby, but I have no priority on United Airlines which makes it extremely difficult. I feel like I am trying to the win the lottery here.
The first two flights I tried to make left Friday, and now all those people are probably relaxing on the beach and just loving life. I probably got home around 12:00 and decided I should repack my suitcase because it was overstuffed.
The next morning I was back at the airport at 6:00 am hoping to make the first morning flight. I was running on about three hours of sleep! Yayy!
So now, back to me not having any priority. This is really the main reason that it seems impossible for me to get on a flight...besides the fact that Los Angeles is a very popular destination and it's spring break. BUT if I had priority I think I would have made a flight by now. So all throughout the day I was racing back and forth through the concourse. I hate whoever designed this airport with a burning passion, and who ever decides what gates the planes go to. (I don't actually hate them but I am pretty frustrated with them.)
But they are still idiots. One flight to LAX will be on one end of the concourse and the next will be on the complete opposite even if they leave within an hour of each other. What the heck?
I have probably walked about 3 miles in 5 inch wedges. Thank goodness I'm not wearing stilettos or something. But seriously, I should be wearing a pedometer. Ag least I'm gonna have some nice looking calf muscles if I keep this up.
On top of all the walking my shoes are giving me blisters, and so is my suitcase.
Now, I might sound like I am miserably complaining and I kind of am, but I am actually starting to enjoy the craziness of all this. I feel like a madman, and maybe the extreme lack of sleep, and stress combined is actually turning me into a loony person. On a serious note though, I feel like I am actually doing something productive with my life. Yes, I know sitting in an airport all day not really doing anything important doesn't really sound like that, but I've definitely gotten a taste of the adult world and learned something.
It’s pretty much a game.
Now I am waiting for the twentieth flight. Maybe I will get lucky and get on! I think I might have an actual mental breakdown from joy if that were to happen.
Otherwise, I am very willing to cry to the gate agent, but I don’t really think that will help me out much here. On the bright side i’ve made a bunch of friends here with all these other standbys, and the people who work here are actually starting to recognize me.
I never made it onto that flight, but you know who did?
Stevie Wonder!
I never even noticed him waiting in the gate till he was boarding the plane and somebody pointed him out to me. This trip has been pretty darn crazy, and now I’m sitting in my bed at home waiting for my flight tomorrow because my parents decided it would be easier to just buy me a ticket. They also felt bad for me.

Maybe after reading this you may be discouraged to ever try flying standby, but what happened for me doesn’t happen very often for people. So i’ll share what i’ve learned with you:

Tip 1:
Try not to fly standby on weekends
Tip 2:
Be VERY flexible
Tip 3:
Be prepared to do a buttload of walking
and finally
Tip 4:
Don’t give up. If you really want to get to where ever it is that you are going then a flight will come and you will get there. Stay positive!

Good luck! and wish me luck!



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