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Summer of 2012: Travel Recap

This summer was a lot of fun for me! I travelled to Quebec, Florida, and Hawaii. Not much international travel, but it was still very fun! Hawaii felt like it wasn't even a part of the U.S.A. It was more like a surfing, sunny, beachy, warm paradise. It's a place that I feel like I could never leave! But, sadly enough...all good things do eventually come to an end. Especially if you are travelling. 

Till Next Time!
-Alexandra :)

Some of my 2012 Summer Accomplishments

This summer I have accomplished a good amount of things..from juggling an extra credit summer class, to babysitting, to travelling, to summer camps. I feel accomplished, but I still have the urge to keep moving! I visited Quebec, and Florida. In Quebec I toured a lot of the city, and a lot of the surroundings. I was buried up to my ears in history, and got a very good nights rest. It was very strange to hear so many people speaking fluent French so close to home. In Florida I went to Busch Gardens and rode the Sheikra for my 31st time! I am so proud of my self! My cousin and I tried to ride the Cheetah Hunt (a ride built a year ago), but the waiting line was at least two hours. No way that was going to happen. One of the most exciting things that I did was swim with manatees in Crystal River. The experience was so amazing. Manatees are the most gentle creatures ever. After swimming with the manatees we snorkled around in the Three Sisters Springs. These springs are so clear that you can see EVERYTHING. It was clearer than a pool. These springs are 100% fresh water, so I even opened my eyes without goggles. These springs produce up to 40 million gallons of water per day! Both these trips were super exciting and I can't wait to hop on a plane again!

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